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December 12, 2012
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× the Garden.

"Garden. Great, they leave me outside?" You sighed. Looking around, the whole garden was covered with field of flowers.  Daisies, Roses, Carnations...But someone standing there stood out from all the flowers. In fact, that person was putting down sunflowers that were in his hands.

You couldn't see who that he or she was until you got a closer look. "Ni-Nikolai?" You called out. He turned around to face you, that blank stare still on his face. "Oh. (name). Nice seeing you here." He raised a hand and waved lazily, turning back to what he was doing. "Wh-What are you doing...?" You asked. "What does it look like?" He replied. "Uh...I don't know..." You replied.

He sighed and raised a hand, signalling you to come closer. You nodded, walking closer to the Silver Haired man. When you were next to him, he was creating a sunflower crown, using the other flowers to keep the chain in place. He glanced at you, blushing a little. "Hand me that flower." He said, pointing to the white flower patch.

You picked a few flowers, setting them into your lap and handing one to Nikolai. "Спасибо..." He replied, taking the flower from your hand and placing it in the crown. You knew a little bit of Russian so you nodded and said, "пожалуйста" smiling. His blush began to darken, but only a little.

The two of you sat there, silence filling the space between you. "(name)." You turned to him. "Yeah?" He placed the flower crown on your head and kissed you. You sat there in shock before shyly kissing back. He smirked into the kiss before pulling you closer. What you weren't actually aware of was that, You and Nikolai were actually under a Tree with a Mistletoe hanging under it.

When the two of you parted, Nikolai smiled and licked your cheek, earning a blush from you. "You will become one with me, Da?" He whispered. "D-Da." You replied, giggling.

~Back at the Main Hall.~

You were sleeping on the couch, Nikolai holding your waist and propping you up whenever you started to lean over. "Hello! Sorry I'm late!" A voice called. Everyone turned to find that it was Anya, Nikolai's older sister. "Ah, Anya! I have good news!" Ukraine ran over to his younger sister.

"Da? What is it?" She asked. "Nikolai found himself someone and you don't have to run away anymore!" Ukraine replied. Anya cheered and congratulated Nikolai. You smiled and giggled in your sleep. Everyone turned to you. What were you dreaming about? Who knows? That's for you to decide.
Happy 12.12.12! XD


Oh well.


**You're Welcome.


EDIT: For some reason, Something went wrong, So the words in here are the translations to the ones in the Story...
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My dream.... full of the Oohs and the Awws.. and the oh honhonhon
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i am dreaming about pineapple fuckery, walking taco boats, and fermented dick cheese.
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You are hilarious
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why thank you, love
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Adieu Mon ami
Summerlewiskpop Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
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