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Deltastuck: Welp. [GIF] by YuRiMiKkI Deltastuck: Welp. [GIF] :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 2 5 [ Request ] - Chara Nakamura by YuRiMiKkI [ Request ] - Chara Nakamura :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 3 2
I met you at six years old.
You saved me from evil people.
You were bloody and bruised.
But you didn't care.
Your kindness let me live another day.
I met you again at eleven years old.
You were quiet, you didn't quite fit in with the others.
The first thing I said to you was 'Thank you'.
You were surprised, hearing these words come from someone like me.
We became friends, and your birthday was around the corner.
My gifts to you were clothes, a bracelet and hair clips.
I still remember the happy look on your face.
It was like you hadn't smiled in the last five years.
I witnessed your insanity a few weeks later.
I was so scared.
But I couldn't be, because I knew the real you wouldn't do this.
Yet I couldn't help but get angry at you.
I couldn't stand the sight of you, begging for forgiveness, when I was the one who should be begging.
We went our separate ways when
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 4 2
[ ocean. ]
The ocean is a vast place, filled with underwater wonders.
Kageyama Tobio wasn't one for going to the beach. In all honesty, he could actually be back at the gym; practicing and improving his volleyball skills. But no, he and the rest of the team were at the beach because Sugawara and Daichi thought it would be fun. 'There's nothing fun about this.' The boy thought bitterly, adjusting the bag hanging off his shoulder and following his noisy teammates to the changing rooms.
Halfway through the day, Sugawara had forbidden everyone from playing Volleyball at the beach; mainly because Kageyama and Hinata nearly hit some people that were trying to relax with their freakishly strong spikes, earning snide remarks from Tsukishima.
As of right now, Half of the team were swimming, Hinata and Sugawara had gone to get ice cream for the entire team and Daichi had merely fallen asleep. Kageyama watched his teammates swim around and wishing a shark would come and bite Tsukishima. But what really spar
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 6 2
The idiots that got into a fight by YuRiMiKkI The idiots that got into a fight :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 3 0
DaveJade on Ice
Why did he agree to this?
It was quite snowy, the sunlight offering little warmth for the blond boy as he stumbled across the frozen ice, nearly tripping over his own feet. This wasn’t cool, but he had to do it.
He wanted to make this the best birthday for his cute little girlfriend.
What Dave hadn’t expected was for Jade to convince him to go ice skating with her. He had zero experience with ice whatsoever and he just assumed they were going to cuddle by the fire or whatever couples do, not…this.
But he had agreed to do it in order to make Jade happy, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to go back on his word. He slowly slides a foot onto the ice, only to then slip and land with his legs doing a split. He winces in pain, but forces a smile as Jade’s melodious laughter rings out.
“Oh my gosh, Dave! You looked so uncool there, haha!” Jade giggles as she extends a hand to help him up. Dave grumbles and takes it, trying not to pull her down in
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 5 4
DaveJade by YuRiMiKkI DaveJade :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 8 3 [Delta Kids] - They lost a bet with Nick by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Kids] - They lost a bet with Nick :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 3 5 [ Delta Kids ] - Detention Teacher by YuRiMiKkI [ Delta Kids ] - Detention Teacher :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 5 3 [Delta Kids] - Skylarsprite by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Kids] - Skylarsprite :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 5 0 [Gamma Kids] - Nina Denver/Niarja Dejari by YuRiMiKkI [Gamma Kids] - Nina Denver/Niarja Dejari :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 7 1 [Delta Kids] - Toby Emmett/Torren Emoria by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Kids] - Toby Emmett/Torren Emoria :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 5 2 [Delta Trolls] - Luna Sempre/Luemir Seiren by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Trolls] - Luna Sempre/Luemir Seiren :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 6 10 [Delta Trolls] - Neon Leonard / Niozli Legato by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Trolls] - Neon Leonard / Niozli Legato :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 6 2 [ Delta Kids ] - Sburb Delta: START. by YuRiMiKkI [ Delta Kids ] - Sburb Delta: START. :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 16 11 [Delta Kids] - Pastel Kids and Their Quadrants by YuRiMiKkI [Delta Kids] - Pastel Kids and Their Quadrants :iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 8 1
Hey thar! 0w0

So...I guess I'm pretty lucky for someone to stumble onto my page.

If you want, You can request something!

I don't mind having to write things, but I might not be able to do them quickly so if you request something please bear with the wait.

I honestly have no idea what to say next, but uh...

If you want, you can go check out my gallery. My main gallery is bare at the moment, but there's a bunch of stuff in the folders.

So yeah!

Thank you for reading this, If anyone's reading this actually. Haha.

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hi i'm rima and i do things (๑꒪▿꒪)*

i'm awkward and a loser on the internet but i hope you like my stuff (ノ・∀・)ノ

Requests - Open by SweetDuke

I don't mind doing things for you if you ask
I can do drawings (I can't guarantee you'll like it so I apologise in advance)
I can do writings (But as of right now, I only know quite a few anime shows)
Such as:
- Hetalia
- Haikyuu!!
- Free!
- Shingeki no Kyojin
- Homestuck
- Dangan Ronpa
- Kuroshitsuji

Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

I don't often do trades, but I'm willing to if you want to

Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke

I rarely ever do collabs, but if it's interesting I'll take it. (Actual meaning: I'll do any collab)

Cool People you should check out (seriously, give them some love because they are awesome people):

Akiraka-chan timaeus-godhead

as of right now, i'm merely an amateur writer/artist but i hope to improve in the future!
So here I am clearing out the last one from...January.

And yes.


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You can change her clothes by the way. Thank you QwQ
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Oh um


my writings might be a lil rusty because i haven't been here on a while, haha...but yeah, of course!
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